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Baba Wayne Glapion | Village Rising Production

Baba Wayne Glapion (Wayne)— jazz lover, 7th ward native, and culture bearer— is on a mission to bring smooth jazz national recording artists to the birthplace of jazz by connecting world touring artists with local talent and treasures in New Orleans.

As a retiree, Wayne and his wife Martha travel with friends on circuits across the south to hear their favorite smooth jazz artists. Often left with the lingering question: Why don’t they come to New Orleans? Wayne began to ask the artists after each show, and the answer was often the same.

“We are never invited to perform because so many great musicians are there.”

Although this may be true, Wayne finds it imperative that jazz musicians understand the New Orleans community and culture, experience the legacy, and bring forth the magic that lives within our city as they move through the world.

Part of Wayne’s vision is to create a new business model for talent and venue owners to move beyond the barriers of upfront costs when curating events.

As a Music Promoter, Wayne partners with Nick Mercadel of The Speakerbox Experiment under the name Village Rising Production to host the likes of Nick Colionne, Lin Rountree, Brian Simpson, and more.

Most recently, touring saxophonist Marcus Anderson drew a crowd of smooth jazz lovers to Cafe Istanbul for a Thursday evening performance as part of the Together We Rise Jazz Series. Check out Village Rising Production’s snapshots from the evening.

All you jazz lovers can stay tuned for more smooth jazz to come to a neighborhood near you. Check out the details for Village Rising Production’s new concert series: Village Vibes, where New Orleans musicians pay tribute to legends of contemporary jazz.

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