Central City Manifesto |   Revision Adopted June 2015

Central City possesses a vibrant culture that has provided generations of New Orleanians with the kind of human expression and experiences that make New Orleans the city it is today. The Central City Renaissance Alliance is committed to the growth, prosperity, and excellence of Central City and all who live and work here. This manifesto is the call to action of the Central City Renaissance Alliance to: 1) Nurture and cultivate the unique creativity of Central City;
2) Revive the neighborhood’s heritage of thriving commerce; and 3) Encourage economic vitality and economic opportunity that can support the families and businesses of Central City.

The Central City Renaissance Alliance (CCRA) is committed to ongoing study, collaboration, inclusion, unity, and community action. We base our efforts on these principles:
1. We commit to the prospect that every person has access to a high quality of life, including safety, opportunity, support, and fair and just recognition and compensation for their efforts.
2. We value the unique and creative quality of every individual and the influence that culture plays in the development of healthy community life.
3. We are dedicated to locating and developing resources and investments for the cultural, economic, and social systems of Central City. These resources will be used to improve the quality of neighborhoods, family life, businesses, and institutions.

4. We remain dedicated to Central City’s longstanding tradition of embracing diversity. People of different backgrounds and experiences contribute a variety of ideas, expressions, talents, and perspectives, and we value this variety.
5. We are committed to collaboration and the practice of fairness and reciprocity. We will actively and diligently resist racism and classism.
6. We commit to the ethics of compassion and respect. We promote dialogue and mediation as the processes for resolving differences. We agree to listen to each other and to presume that through communication we have the power to resolve differences.
7. We are dedicated to opportunity-making, not just problem-solving, through identifying, recognizing, encouraging, and supporting the talents and intelligence of the people of this community.
8. We encourage environmentally responsible development and the expansion and maintenance of public greens space.
9. We are dedicated to removing barriers to quality of life such as poverty, low-performing schools, and blight.
10. The members of CCRA, individually and collectively, take responsibility for change in our community. We promise to work together to make positive changes in Central City.

We will work to infuse the ideas of this Manifesto in our social lives and public policies. We will share our accomplishments so that our neighborhood thrives and we succeed together in a more creative existence as a unified community.


Let us know how your work aligns with the Central City Manifesto.  Every effort makes a difference.  Thank you for what you do.


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More than 200 neighborhood residents and  stakeholders called for the creation of CCRA as an alliance that would hold the vision and support the implementation of their community plan.  CCRA grew out of a community initiative supported in 2002 by the City of New Orleans and the Ford Foundation and led by Concordia Planning, LLC.

With additional support from other local and national philanthropic partners, over 200 residents, stakeholders and municipal partners worked together for 18 months in an authentic dialogue to develop the Central City Community Plan. In August 2005, the group was allotted its first grant from Ford Foundation to begin implementation days before the devastation of federal levee failures. Core team members worked via conference call from various sites across the country, until it was safe to return to the city and surrounding areas. CCRA began its work in forwarding the community vision and plan and continues to this day.

Our Board of Directors

Carol Sutton

Carol Bebelle

Augustine Harris

J. Menhati Singleton

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